Sunday, October 18, 2009

Madison's 2nd Birthday Party

Happy birthday to my sweet Madison! I can't believe you are 2 years old. I love every breath you take. I am incredibly blessed to be your momma. As my momma always told me, God knew just which little girl I needed. Thank you, God! She is perfect!

Although Madison's birthday is today, we had her party yesterday due to the logistics of guests' Sunday schedules with church and all. Her party was so much fun. I think she really enjoyed herself. Daddy worked very hard to get her swingset ready for the kids to play on at the party. It is not finished but it is almost done. They kids enjoyed the slide and swings...they don't care if it has the finishing touches. We also rented a spacewalk. This was Madison's first time in one of these....SHE LOVED IT! As a matter of fact, she and Daddy are out there right now in 44ºF weather so she can enjoy it today as well. They will have to come in soon to get ready for church. Then, we are going to eat Mexican for her birthday lunch. She will probably fall asleep on the way home from lunch, and when she wakes up it will be time to go to her friend's 2nd birthday party! WHEW! This is going to be a busy day!
As I said already, it is currently 44ºF actually cooled off on the Gulf Coast! It was a perfect fall day yesterday. I made hot apple cider to celebrate the cooler weather. My momma, Madison's MawMaw, made her birthday cake. It was sooooo cute! Thanks, Mom! Here are a few pics from her party.

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nest of posies said...

everything looked so adorable! and look at that precious outfit. so sweet.

we are having a cold snap as well. i love it.
happy weekend!

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