Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bow Hangers

I have made a couple different styles of bow hangers. The first one I made was for my little girl.  I made it before she was born.  I used the inner hoop from a small cross-stitch hoop set. I wrapped it with ribbon, securing it with hot glue.  I used about a yard of ribbon for the "tail." I did no sewing.  Everything was done with hot glue. You can't see much of the hanger, because of all the bows.  My grandmother used to make them for me, but I have figured out how to make them myself!  I'll show you my bow making method in another post. What I like about this style is that you can hang it on a door knob or anywhere.  We currently hang hers from her curtain rod.  I know that sounds weird, but she can't reach it, and that is a good thing. Otherwise, I would be picking up bows off the floor all of the time!


I recently made this one. I used an unfinished wooden cross from Michael's Craft Store. You will also need a sheet of scrapbook paper, paint, brush, Mod Podge, some sort of hanger and a hot glue gun.


I forgot to include my hangers in the initial materials pic. You will need a hammer if you buy this kind of hanger.

First, paint the sides and back of the cross. Wait for the paint to dry.

Lay the cross (or initial or whatever you chose) FACE DOWN on the back of your scrapbook paper. Trace as close as you can. (Please ignore the yucky looking spot on the back of the paper.  That is where the bar code was.  I tried to remove it.  Bad idea, I guess.)

Cut out the shape.  Cut just inside the pencil line.  Lay it on the object and see if it lines up perfectly.  You may have to trim in certain areas.  You don't want any of the paper to hang over the object.

Brush a layer of Mod Podge on the unpainted face of the cross.  Carefully lay the paper cross on the wet Mod Podge.  Brush a layer on top of the paper and the sides of the cross.  I let the first coat dry and applied a 2nd coat of Mod Podge to the top and sides. Then, use a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon tail.  Use a lighter to seal the end of the ribbon to prevent fraying. Attach your hanger to the back.  VOILA!


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