Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book Wreath

Somehow I stumbled upon a blog yesterday.  It is called  According to Kelly. Well, she had a featured blogger friend named Lindsay write a guest post on her blog.  It was a tutorial on how to make a Book Wreath.  The BEST part about this wreath is that it only costs $2!!!!!!!!!!!  That's right, folks, TWO SMACKEROOS!  If you make it and hate it, you can chunk it and not feel bad about the wasted money.  So, I took myself to the Dollar Tree today and bought a wreath and a book.  I choose a Christmas novel. I wondered if I might like to read the book, but I figure with a 3 year old and 4 month, I will not be reading any novels around Christmas time this year. So, I gave myself permission to destroy a perfectly good book.  I think it was worth it.....what do you think?

I think the only thing I did differently from the original instructions was I wrapped the wreath in pages first. My wreath was green.  Lindsay's was white.  I figured the green would really show through if I didn't cover it. Here are the photos I took as I constructed my wreath.

Step 1: Gather supplies (wreath, book, glue gun, brown paint)

Step 2: Paint the edges of the book

Step 3: Cover the wreath with pages from the book

Step 4: Begin to cover the bottom of the wreath with folded pages. Check out Lindsay's tutorial for more detail instructions.  She even provided a video tutorial.

Step 5: Flip it over

Step 6 (optional): If you are 35 weeks pregnant. This is a good time to stop for a snack! Mmmmm.  Vanilla yogurt with granola!

Step 7: Start covering the front of the wreath with the folded pages

I am not sure of the wreath's final destination, but for now....this will do.

Thanks to Lindsay and Kelly for sharing this tutorial!


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