Sunday, August 1, 2010

Perhaps I'm Nesting?...Organizing the Playroom

With only 16 days until my induction, I think the nesting phase has begun!

99% of the time, the playroom looks like a tornado tore through it.  It amazes me that kids will play in a space with little to no walking room......BECAUSE THEY THREW ALL OF THE TOYS ON THE FLOOR!!!  I had a very easy storage system in there at first. There were two huge toy baskets and a book shelf. The playroom has an itty bitty closet, but it hasn't been used because there were no shelves in there.  Well, instead of waiting on someone to build shelves for me, I decided to buy a cheap shelving system that I could install myself.  I went to Big Lots and purchased some toy bins, and I made my own labels.  My daughter is only 2 so I needed labels that she could recognize by sight.  Therefore, I found images that were very recognizable. You are welcome to use them too.

Toy Bin Labels

Here are some pics of the organized playroom.  I wish it could stay like this forever!


Amanda said...

beautiful toyroom. love the colour of walls

Anonymous said...

That is a nice playroom!

Catherine said...

Very nice playroom!

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