Monday, October 25, 2010

Dedication to the Lord

My son, Brantley is 2 months old. We dedicated him to the Lord at church yesterday. What an awesome and powerful day. We just made a huge commitment to raise him in a Christian home. It is our job to be Godly parents and to raise Brantley to love the Lord. We made this same commitment when our daughter, Madison, was about 4 months old.

When my daughter was dedicated, I asked my grandmother and mother to sew a dress for her.  It was beautiful. I wanted Brantley to have a handmade outfit as well, but I didn't want to ask them to sew it since I didn't decide to do it until 2 weeks ago.  So, I chose a simple  dedication bubble.  I used the Creations by Michie pattern #126.

I learned a lot while making this bubble. I had never before sewn tucks or a Madeira trim.  The placket was new, as well as hand embroidery. The cross is hand embroidered using a padded satin stitch.  The small dots are called French knots.  This bubble definitely contains its fair share of flaws, but I am proud of it anyway.

Following church, our family went to lunch. There we were able to meet our niece who was born on the same day as Brantley.

Check out my husband's haircut....I did that!  He trusted ME to cut his hair.  I thought it turned out pretty good!


Kelli E. Glasscock said...

What a blessing for Brantley to have you and Josh as parents who will take the time to teach him about Jesus. I absolutely love the bubble. It is gorgeous! So glad you posted pictures.

By the way, you look fantastic to have a 2 month old!!

And, I think you did a great job with Josh's haircut.

Home of a Magnolia said...

I sew, but have never tried anything with such intricate detail. Absolutely gorgeous- such a keepsake.

Unknown said...

Wow!!! What an awesome job you did on Brantlely's bubble!! I am totally impressed ;-)
Josh's hair looks good too!! Want to start doing Jamie's?? ha

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