Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meeting my Resolutions Face-to-Face

Ok, I told you about my 3 New Year's Resolutions yesterday.  I am trying to get a jumpstart on them.

1.)  Being more faithful to read God's word: I am going to call my church and check into a women's bible study.  I need accountability!

2.) Lose weight:
Breakfast: will consist of 2 eggs and 1 slice of toast OR a small bowl of cereal with a banana OR yogurt
Lunch: salad and cottage cheese
Dinners: turkey burgers, baked chicken & broccoli, a healthy meatloaf, etc

3.) Get organized: This week's goals are to put away the Christmas decor AND clean out the pantry
Plus, I am going to start the 21 day challenge as mentioned in yesterday's post.

Here are some inspirational pics for me to help me with the pantry!

House of Smiths

The Stories of A to Z


Kelli said...

OK...since you posted the pictures of the well organized pantries, I am now motivated too! Also, if you want to go to BSF with me and try it out, there are two introductory classes coming up. I would love for you to go!

Cazra said...

Can you believe I already organized my pantry?! I was so motivated that I decided to go ahead and do it! Mine is not even half as pretty as the ones above, but it is organized and it is void of all expired goods! I wish I had had paint while it was empty. It really needs a fresh coat. Oh, well. I'll have to be satisfied with a plain, organized pantry for now. :)

Cazra said...

Kelli-I'll call you about BSF

Kelli said...

Sounds great! I was able to organize my pantry while Davis slept and Cooper played under my feet!! It looks so much better. Need any pasta?? Thanks for the motivation.

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