Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Ok, so Super Bowl Sunday is all about the food and commercials for me. Sure, there is a game on, but I can't wait for the commercial breaks.  I use game time to refill my plate, and I make sure to be back on the couch for the 3 minute slots in between! I kid, I kid! I'll watch the game too. ;)
I am having a dilemma over who to cheer for....I immediately said I would be cheering for the Steelers, because I think cheese-heads are SUPER CHEESY! Pardon the pun. However, my husband filled me in on the accusations against Ben. He is the Steelers' quarterback for those like me who didn't know. He has been accused of some very bad things. Innocent until proven guilty, I know, BUT if it is true.....I DON'T WANT HIM TO WIN. I may cheer for everyone on his team except for him, because I still don't think I can cheer for someone with cheese on their head. I'm sorry if any Packer fans read this.  I am sure the team is great, and you are great, and maybe it is fun to wear the cheese...I don't know.

I am soooooo off topic here. This post was supposed to be all about the food. We are going to serve a small array of items:

Wings (Wings & photo from Publix)

Pigs in a Blanket

That is it, for now....  What are you fixing for the game?


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