Sunday, September 18, 2011

25 Fall Family Activities

All over blog land I see families creating activity lists for various seasons. I have never created one until NOW! I am so excited for the arrival of fall. It is only 5 days away!!! There are so many things I like to do during that season. So I decided to create a list of goals for my family. I hope we get to mark off every activity!!! I used ideas from lists I found online in addition to my own ideas.

25 Fun Fall Activities

1.   Take a Nature walk
2.  Collect leaves, identify, sort and do leaf rubbings
3.   Decorate the porch and mantles with fall decor
4.  Make corn prints and/or apple prints
5.  Make applesauce from scratch
6.  Make homemade apple cider
7.  Go to a fall festival
8.  go to a pumpkin patch
9.  go to a farm
10.     Carve Pumpkins
11.   Roast pumpkin seeds
12.   bake pumpkin pies
13.    Make a scarecrow
14.   enjoy a fall picnic
15.   Roast marshmallows over a fire
16.   HOst a halloween party
17.   Ride 4-wheelers at Pawpaw’s hunting camp
18.   Read books about fall
19.   watch The wizard of oz
20.  go camping
21.   Bake loaves of pumpkin bread and deliver it to neighbors
22.  Make homemade bird feeders
23.   Host a tailgating party
24.   Go to a football game
25. Check out fall themed books from the library


j i l l said...

What a fun list! We're so ready for the cooler fall weather and pumpkin patches and football. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

Unknown said...

There are more activities that you can go for..
1. Have a family slumber party.
2. Play stickball
3. Fly kites
4. Go for a hike.....:-)
kids activities

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