Monday, January 3, 2011

Organization Challenge Day 2: Desk Top

I spend so much time at this desk that I should keep it organized, BUT I don't. Take a look at how it was before the challenge:

Here it is after I took everything off (except the monstrous computer) to clean:

This is one of my organizers.  It is where I always put the bills that need to be paid, blank envelopes, and mailing labels.  Oh, and the large envelope for collecting records for filing our taxes. As things start arriving in the mail, I immediately put them in this envelope. I don't want the hubby having to put out a search warrant for the missing items when he sits down to file our taxes.

This is the final product. I know that some would say there is still too much clutter, but it is just right for me.  The organizer on the left holds a clip board, my address book, more labels, and all of the specialty printing papers and labels. The printer sits on a stand just to the right of the desk. So, it is kinda handy to have it there.

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