Monday, January 10, 2011

No Snow for Us

While the rest of the country seemed to be getting snow, we did not. It was quite chilly topping out in the 40s today, but no snow-as usual. I would have driven north an hour or two if I had heard of snow there. Oh, well. Since we couldn't make a real snowman, we made our own kind-using cotton balls!

I thought he turned out pretty cute. Plus, Madison really enjoyed making him, and that, folks, is all that matters. After we finished him, Madison wanted to do something else. So, I handed her a scrap piece of paper and told her she could draw a picture. I only expected to see the typical squiggly lines and circles that she has been drawing lately. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! She started drawing us-her family. I was in complete shock that she could draw that well-with so many details! Eyes, eyebrows, teeth, arms, legs, high heels. The person in the center is me with high heels. I guess that is because I always wear them-NOT!!! I am still in shock hours later. This was a hidden talent. my baby girl is growing up too quickly.

Now, I really wish that I had given her a fresh piece of paper. You better believe I will cherish this forever!

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