Monday, September 21, 2009


I have wanted to applique for soooooo long now. I tried it in the spring, but I did not do a good job at all. After gathering a few tips, I decided to try again. This is a t-shirt for my little girl. I know that my work is not great yet, but it is much better than my first attempts. I am proud of it, and I know that with practice it will get better. I just wish that I had remembered some tips a friend had given me before I was halfway through my design last night. :) I was getting really frustrated before I remembered to decrease the pressure from the presser foot. I did an applique on a t-shirt. Does anyone have any more tips? It kept getting caught on the under side. I became reacquainted with my seam ripper last night.

1. Materials: Heat N Bond, 2 fabrics, matching thread, shirt, letter or design to trace, scissors, and iron. Also, not pictured: stabilizer, spray-on adhesive

2. Trace your designs on the paper side of the Heat N Bond

3. Iron the Heat N Bond that has the M on it to the fabric (wrong side of the fabric) for the M. Then, cut out the M. Iron the Heat N Bond that has the circle on it to the fabric (wrong side of the fabric) for the circle. Then, cut out the M and the circle. Remove the paper from the M and iron the M to the center on the right side of the circle. Leave the paper on the wrong side of the circle.

4. ZigZag stitch around the M.

5. Remove paper from the back of the circle. Iron this to the shirt.

6. I added stabilizer to the wrong side of the t-shirt directly under the design. I used a spray on adhesive to keep the stabilizer in place. Now, you are ready to sew around the circle.

Not perfect but a good attempt. I will definitely try it again!



Bourg Family said...

VERY CUTE! Much cheaper than Kelly's Kids too! I love it! What did you use for your circles on you bday banner? I'm trying to make MInnie Mouse.

Cazra said...

I used really high-tech devices for creating my circles.....a cottage cheese bowl and the lid to a small pitcher. :)

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