Friday, September 25, 2009

Ssssssshhh......For parents' eyes only

I found a Christmas elf! My daughter, Madison, is about to turn two. I am so excited to begin the tradition of the Christmas elf in our house. (If you haven't heard of this tradition...ask me. I would be glad to tell you what I know.) I have been looking everywhere for an adorable elf that wasn't too pricey. Well, I FOUND ONE TODAY! I went to Kirkland's in hopes to find some shades for a chandelier. (FYI: They said that they don't sell those anymore.) What did my eyes see.... an ELF! It was only $5.99. THAT IS AWESOME! So, of course, I immediately got on the phone. I called my best friend Kelli and my sister-in-law, Elizabeth. This is the question you have one elf per family or one elf per child??? I only have one child now, but I plan to have another in the near future. I went ahead and bought two for myself. That way I can decide later. If I decide to have 1 for the family, the other will be a back-up elf in case the 1st elf gets ragged. Another question....are the kids allowed to touch the elf? I have heard yes from some people and no from others. What is your tradition? I took some pics so you could see them for yourself. I took one with my hand so you could tell the size. They even have the beans in their bottoms so they can easily sit up.

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cookies and cups said...

what is the elf tradition??? I would love to know ~ my kids love stuff like that!
Also, thanks for visiting my blog! You asked about's my the case of cookies and things I generally don't sift unless the recipe emphasizes it, and then sometimes I just give a good whisk...for cakes...ALWAYS. It helps with the crumb of the cake and makes it lighter and more airy...also I always sift powdered sugar for icings and things for the sole purpose of breaking up lumps. For the snickerdoodle bars, I am not sure how important the sifting was to the recipe, but it also helps combine the dry ingredients and incorporate them into each other. Hope this helps!!!

Let it Shine said...

This is SO cute! I really want to try the elf this year too!

Love the table you saved! Would even be fun to paint it and make a skirt to go around it, that way you could use the underneath for storage!
If you do not choose to use it as a table, you could always use the legs/posts to make candlesticks out of..........

Take care,

P.S. Your blog makes me hungry, everything you have cooked looks amazing :)

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