Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Giant Pumpkin

Until October 17th, I will not stop thinking about Madison's birthday party. Yesterday, I remembered a large piece of cardboard that I had in the garage. I gathered a box cutter, paint (orange, green, and brown), rafia, and my hot glue gun. I cut out the body of the pumpkin and the stem separately to give it a little bit of dimension. I painted the pieces and hot glued the stem to the pumpkin. Then, I hot glued a mess of rafia at the base of the stem. I am going to use this giant pumpkin to decorate the "pumpkin patch" at her party.

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nest of posies said...

GREAT looking pumpkin. your paint job makes it very realistic.

i just saw your comment you made a few weeks back on the recycled playhouse. thank really was so fun to make. and even yet, after all the rain the south had, it has still held up well on our coverage front porch! = strong tape! :)

have a lovely week!

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