Friday, September 18, 2009

Target Finds

I went to our local super Target yesterday and found some great deals. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew about them. If I were still a teacher, I would have been in hog heaven! They have packs of 10 spiral notebooks for 15¢. That makes each notebook only 1.5 pennies!!! WHAT! That is a great deal!!! So, of course, I bought like 5 packs. I am not really sure why I need 50 spiral notebooks, but I couldn't pass that up. Madison might enjoy drawing in them. They have packs of large manilla drawing paper for 74¢. Small packs for 48¢. Fiskars scissors for 38¢. Protractors for 37¢. Wooden rulers for 12¢ (I use rulers all the time.) Happy shopping!


nest of posies said...

oh wow. that is a great deal! i am leaving for target in an hour. love target.

your felt pumpkin is so CUTE!!! i have been wanting to do a few things with felt for halloween, etc...just haven't yet. you have encouraged me to do so!

have a great weekend!

Cazra said...

Thanks for your comment! I hope you find some great deals at your Target too. I love that store also. I could just sip my latte and walk up and down all the aisles for hours if my little girl would let me.
Happy shopping and happy crafting!

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